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Going Forward Together

We made it! We have just completed the final week for the SFM lecture phase. Very soon, we head off for outreach, and all the adventures with God which await us in Manila and Indonesia. We fully expect to see God do great stuff through us as we create a missions documentary for the believers in Manila, and later a short drama that addresses the power of the name of Jesus. Not to mention a bunch of prayer and evangelism along the way.

But right now we are still reflecting on our last week of lectures. We had the amazing Beth Senn teaching us about Unity—where it started, why it matters, and how to do it. There’s been heaps of revelation about the Trinity, and God’s high value of relationship, and his heart and plan for people. 

Beth literally vibrates with the creativity of God and her passion for him, and she has brought so much colour and understanding to the age-old problem of how to do this godly “together” thing. Her background in working for a major special effects company in Melbourne and all the dynamics of being a production coordinator there has definitely shed light on the importance of a focus on unity and how it can be attained.

We trust that God will do an ever-deepening work in us in that area, during outreach! Onward!


SFM 2017 - Learning to Tell God's Stories

So here we are three-quarters through lecture phase of the SFM and fresh off the back of two incredible weeks learning the art of documentary film making. 

In Week Eight we had visiting guest speaker Ken with us from the Wollongong YWAM base on the east coast of Australia. Ken not only shared with us the essential elements of creating a good documentary, but he brought an incredible testimony of the faithfulness of God that he has seen as he has submitted his life and his plans to Jesus.

That submission has resulted in the powerful and anointed ministry of Create International Emerge, Ken’s ministry which consistently produces powerful films which communicate the real-life stories of regular people spreading the Gospel and seeing radical fruit as a result. It was amazing having Ken with us, sharing his stories and inspiring us deeply as a result.

Then last week in Week Nine, we put that inspiration and information into practice to create an actual mini-documentary here on the base, focused around our Performing Arts ministry, First Fruit Productions. All those tips on planning, interviews, camera angles, b-roll, and storytelling were put into practice by our team of enthusiastic students in an all-or-nothing rollercoaster of documentary production.

They worked so hard, and the results are awesome! We’ll be sharing the film soon—it’s definitely a gem that we will be using here on base, and in the wider community. Go girls!


SFM 2017 - Putting Movement into the Images

What a brilliant time we’re having on the School of Frontier Media! This week we have guest speaker Jason De Ford with us from Create International in Thailand, speaking on all the elements of cinematography that turn average “videos” into actual films.

Jason is a brilliant movie maker in his own right, and his passion for beautiful images is infectious. He loves the principles of good filmmaking and how they help communicate a story. He also loves all the mechanics of capturing that perfect shot, which means our students have been hands on with our jib and slider and oh, the endlessly changing lenses.

To put this into practice we’ve been out and about in one of Perth’s more exquisite parks, as well as using some of the excellent talent on base (many brilliant actors around here)m to bring to life some truly dramatic moments. It’s been a blast! Not to mention the powerful times we’ve been having with God, setting our hearts more firmly on the unreached peoples and seeing him move in our personal lives.

We’re halfway through the lecture phase of the school now, and looking forward to all that the second half may bring!



SFM 2017 - Truly Equipped to Go

This week on the SFM we were privileged to have the Equip2Go seminar with Calvin and Carol Conkey, the founders of Create International.

It was awesome! Not only were the students encouraged through testimonies of how God is moving and reaching people in the Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu worlds, but they learnt how to share the Gospel with people from these groups. They saw that God has left many elements in people’s traditional cultures—stories, rituals, and even architecture--which point back to the creator God who sets his people free for a life of joyful abundance and a future in heaven with him.

There are so many opportunities for communicating the good news in a way that it can be truly understood and received! And there is so much technology and so many media resources out there that can be used touch the lives of thousands of people.

What an amazing age to be in, and an amazing creative God to partner with!




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