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SFM 2017 - Exciting Beginnings!

The School of Frontier Media for 2017 has begun! This year we have four students, from four very different nations. This might normally make for some misunderstandings, but these guys are so incredibly open and kind to each other, it’s making for an amazing school so far!

Our first week consisted of the usual orientation schedule, as well as ‘get-to-know-you’ and ‘get-to- know-the-base’ activities. These, combined with the gorgeous Perth sunshine, meant a whole heap of fun. We also had some great teaching on the nature and character of God, particularly his creativity, and how we his children reflect that quality since we are made in his likeness.

Week Two is shaping up to be just as good as Week One—we’re studying Graphic Design, which means teaching from some amazing leaders about the creative process and the rules of design, and then a whole lot of work putting that process and those ideas into action. It’s been a challenging time learning to be led by God, but the fruit has been some wonderful designs and personal breakthrough.

God is at work! He has been moving in the area of humility and trust, and stirring up the passion in each student for his calling on their lives and especially for media. Their desire for him and his work in their lives is infectious. More, God, more!


God's Beauty Displayed

Each year the SFM travels to a different country to make a film—wherever and however God leads. This year, I was part of a team that filmed in Central India.

We go on outreach to bring change, and we end by being changed ourselves. This is the paradox and the beauty of what God does through missions.

Certainly it was the case when I met this beautiful girl, Ra, during our shoot in India. Like the rest of our Indian helpers, she seemed very reticent and shy, and for the first week or so I was mostly impressed by her graceful quietness.

We had been rigorously trained in ‘cultural appropriateness,’ so we didn’t push her to be forward with us. In truth I wasn’t sure if she would ever come out of her shell, though we were filming in her village for weeks.

She is unable to confess the truth to her Hindu parents, and so she lives a sort of secret life, and a dangerous one.

Then, slowly, she began to gain a little more confidence, and take us up on our offers to try the camera, and actually have conversations. It turned out that she knew a lot of English, and so out came her story in bits and pieces. We learned that she was the sole believer in her family, and that only her brother and sister knew of her faith. She is unable to confess the truth to her Hindu parents, and so she lives a sort of secret life, and a dangerous one.

On our last day with her, there was a time of thanks and appreciation, and the pastor asked if anyone would like to stand and give a testimony. Personally I would have found such a situation intimidating, speaking in front of so many people. But Ra jumped up with her beautiful white smile, and talked about how we had blessed her.

I was so moved—not only that she had been blessed, but by her boldness and faith. I realised that this is a girl who truly knows and is walking with the Lord. He has done a miraculous work in her heart, the way he is doing with so many people across the whole nation of India.

She is an example of the beauty and wonderful power of God.


Angela is a recent graduate of the School of Frontier Media

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