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SFM 2017 - Exciting Beginnings!

The School of Frontier Media for 2017 has begun! This year we have four students, from four very different nations. This might normally make for some misunderstandings, but these guys are so incredibly open and kind to each other, it’s making for an amazing school so far!

Our first week consisted of the usual orientation schedule, as well as ‘get-to-know-you’ and ‘get-to- know-the-base’ activities. These, combined with the gorgeous Perth sunshine, meant a whole heap of fun. We also had some great teaching on the nature and character of God, particularly his creativity, and how we his children reflect that quality since we are made in his likeness.

Week Two is shaping up to be just as good as Week One—we’re studying Graphic Design, which means teaching from some amazing leaders about the creative process and the rules of design, and then a whole lot of work putting that process and those ideas into action. It’s been a challenging time learning to be led by God, but the fruit has been some wonderful designs and personal breakthrough.

God is at work! He has been moving in the area of humility and trust, and stirring up the passion in each student for his calling on their lives and especially for media. Their desire for him and his work in their lives is infectious. More, God, more!


Outreach in Indonesia

There are 1.1 million Jambi Malay people living in Indonesia. The majority of them are unreached, having never heard the gospel before. This April, Create Perth and the School of Frontier Media traveled to Indonesia to create media resources for the evangelisation of the

Jambi Malay people. It was our desire to create a film that would help to reveal to these men, women and children the true character of God his Fatherhood, mercy and compassion.

Our first few weeks in Indonesia were spent building relationships, learning about the culture and collecting photographs and stories along the way. These photographs and stories will be collated and developed into a mobilisation website, sharing the strengths and the needs of the Jambi Malay people through their stories.

One family that we met shared a story with us of a large flood where the river swelled, flooding their home for a number of weeks. During this time they had nowhere to go, so they remained in their house, living, sleeping and cooking inside in their small wooden boats, encountering cobras and alligators in their own home. It was great to take the time to hear the stories of the local people. Many people we met were honoured by our listening ears.

We also spent time focusing on our evangelistic film project. After meeting a local contact who is also a Muslim background believer, the doors were opened for us to make an evangelistic film and we quickly got to work. We spent six days shooting a short script that we had developed. There were challenges in finding locations to shoot and working with a cast who had never acted before, but God continually showed us his faithfulness and each challenge was overcome. Our local contacts are as excited about the completion of this film as we are. There are many potential opportunities in which this film could be used to share the gospel in the main city as well as the surrounding village areas.

We have just begun post production and editing on the Jambi Malay Evangelistic film, which will be available for distribution in Indonesia later this year.


Capturing the Work of the Birth Attendant School

Below is a reflection of a project from Richard, one of our past Create International staff members.

Towards the end of 2009, an opportunity opened up for me to make a film highlighting the work of the Birth Attendant School during an outreach in India.  The Birth Attendant School is a training program of YWAM Perth which focuses on reaching out to women and children in developing nations who have little or limited access to health care, especially related to childbirth. The film focused on a portion of the outreach where the school was assisting a hospital that drew pregnant mothers from the poorest of the poor in a mixed Hindu and Muslim community.

A co-worker from Create International and I spent time together in prayer and decided to film the project as ‘a day in the life’ of one of the students on the school. We arrived in India in February, started shooting and before long, the story began coming together. We had regular times of prayer for the project and found these to be especially important in maintaining focus and unity and keeping our passion fresh. 

Putting together the first half of the film was particularly easy. It got harder as I started to edit together the hospital sequence. It was challenging knowing how to take all the material we had filmed and put it together in a way that captured the sensitivity and depth of what God was doing in the lives of these families.

Through the process of making this film, God has shown me much more about Himself and what we can do to bring life and hope to those who are living and dying without knowing Him. The people of India have so much to offer the kingdom of God. There is a great spiritual hunger there that is being filled with endless amounts of empty ritual and perversion of the truth. We have an endless opportunity to show all the peoples of India the truth about their loving Creator.


Film Making in Nepal

This April, Create Perth travelled to Janakpur – the home of Nepal’s largest Hindu temple – to produce resources for the Maithili. Many Hindu pilgrims travel each year to this site for spiritual blessing.

It was our desire to create a film that would help to reveal to these men, women and children the true blessings that our Creator wants to bring to all of us – blessings of relationship, peace, and hope for eternity.

There, we heard many amazing stories of how Christ had transformed their lives, even in the face of great trouble and persecution.

We worked with brothers and sisters in the local body of Christ to produce this movie. There, we heard many amazing stories of how Christ had transformed their lives, even in the face of great trouble and persecution. We learnt that nearly every Christian in this area had suffered after choosing to follow Jesus, with many being kicked out of their families. But we also heard stories of God’s grace and provision in the midst of persecution, stories of how church had become home, stories of how whole families who had once been persecutors were now worshippers. Out of their experiences, our project partners developed an evangelistic story about a young man from a Maithili village who finds Jesus as he struggles to make his way in the city. It’s a story of grace, perseverance, and hope.

Over twelve days in April, we laboured together, working alongside a cast of both professional and amateur actors, to capture this story. There were many challenges and last minute adjustments. One day began with a phone call that there was a local workers’ strike and that the roads were closed so we wouldn’t have access to a vehicle, which meant that we couldn’t shoot. This led to much confusion when we informed our translator that the driver was already at the hotel waiting for us! This was just one of many examples of how God made a way to get the footage that we needed.

At the same time, we saw God working in the local community – largely Hindu – that we were shooting in. He was building anticipation in people’s hearts for this film that was being made in their own village and in their own language. It was an unexpected side benefit to filming in this village: the very audience we were wanting to share the message with were getting excited for that message to come.

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