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Returning to Nepal

Not so long ago, Create International traveled to Nepal, revisiting an area that we had been to before.  It was wonderful to return after two years: recognizing landmarks, seeing familiar faces and catching up with old friends.  Two years prior, we had been there creating an evangelistic film for an unreached people called the Limbu. We were all excited to return and have a chance to show the movie to the audience we had prepared it for.

The Limbu are a group of mostly poorer, rural Hindus, concentrated in the hills of eastern Nepal. Despite the brokenness amongst their communities that has been caused by drinking and anger, they are a beautiful people who we experienced as friendly, hospitable, and full of joy.

Our Create International team worked alongside a media-focused Discipleship Training School from YWAM Perth, and spent two weeks doing Bible distribution, prayer ministry, open-air evangelism and film screenings.  It was a thrill to see people's responses to the movie!  We were able to show it in a number of villages, which in some cases meant sharing the love of Jesus in that area for the first time. It was exciting to see people’s interest captured by the story they were seeing on the screen, interrupting whatever other activities they could have been doing to watch the gospel unfold before them in a compelling dramatic form.

He identified with the main character in the movie, wanting to be like him not only in the challenges he faced, but in the way his life was changed by the gospel.

We spoke to one young man after he had seen the movie in the very village that we had filmed it in. He said that he identified with the main character in the movie, wanting to be like him not only in the struggles and challenges he faced, but also in the way his life was changed by the gospel.

It was a blessing for us to be able to see the fruit of our earlier work. It was also an encouragement to keep pressing on to produce more resources and to communicate God’s love more effectively with the unreached.

Overall, it was a powerful time in which many people heard the gospel, several people were healed, and over 2500 Bible were distributed. There was a great hunger for God’s word amongst the Limbu and their neighboring peoples, and lots of excitement as people were touched by with the power of God for healing and salvation.

Please continue to pray for the Limbu, and in the meantime enjoy a short video that one of our team members made on the trip.  it highlights an exciting testimony of the way that God brought healing to one man that we met.




God's Beauty Displayed

Each year the SFM travels to a different country to make a film—wherever and however God leads. This year, I was part of a team that filmed in Central India.

We go on outreach to bring change, and we end by being changed ourselves. This is the paradox and the beauty of what God does through missions.

Certainly it was the case when I met this beautiful girl, Ra, during our shoot in India. Like the rest of our Indian helpers, she seemed very reticent and shy, and for the first week or so I was mostly impressed by her graceful quietness.

We had been rigorously trained in ‘cultural appropriateness,’ so we didn’t push her to be forward with us. In truth I wasn’t sure if she would ever come out of her shell, though we were filming in her village for weeks.

She is unable to confess the truth to her Hindu parents, and so she lives a sort of secret life, and a dangerous one.

Then, slowly, she began to gain a little more confidence, and take us up on our offers to try the camera, and actually have conversations. It turned out that she knew a lot of English, and so out came her story in bits and pieces. We learned that she was the sole believer in her family, and that only her brother and sister knew of her faith. She is unable to confess the truth to her Hindu parents, and so she lives a sort of secret life, and a dangerous one.

On our last day with her, there was a time of thanks and appreciation, and the pastor asked if anyone would like to stand and give a testimony. Personally I would have found such a situation intimidating, speaking in front of so many people. But Ra jumped up with her beautiful white smile, and talked about how we had blessed her.

I was so moved—not only that she had been blessed, but by her boldness and faith. I realised that this is a girl who truly knows and is walking with the Lord. He has done a miraculous work in her heart, the way he is doing with so many people across the whole nation of India.

She is an example of the beauty and wonderful power of God.


Angela is a recent graduate of the School of Frontier Media


Outreach in Indonesia

There are 1.1 million Jambi Malay people living in Indonesia. The majority of them are unreached, having never heard the gospel before. This April, Create Perth and the School of Frontier Media traveled to Indonesia to create media resources for the evangelisation of the

Jambi Malay people. It was our desire to create a film that would help to reveal to these men, women and children the true character of God his Fatherhood, mercy and compassion.

Our first few weeks in Indonesia were spent building relationships, learning about the culture and collecting photographs and stories along the way. These photographs and stories will be collated and developed into a mobilisation website, sharing the strengths and the needs of the Jambi Malay people through their stories.

One family that we met shared a story with us of a large flood where the river swelled, flooding their home for a number of weeks. During this time they had nowhere to go, so they remained in their house, living, sleeping and cooking inside in their small wooden boats, encountering cobras and alligators in their own home. It was great to take the time to hear the stories of the local people. Many people we met were honoured by our listening ears.

We also spent time focusing on our evangelistic film project. After meeting a local contact who is also a Muslim background believer, the doors were opened for us to make an evangelistic film and we quickly got to work. We spent six days shooting a short script that we had developed. There were challenges in finding locations to shoot and working with a cast who had never acted before, but God continually showed us his faithfulness and each challenge was overcome. Our local contacts are as excited about the completion of this film as we are. There are many potential opportunities in which this film could be used to share the gospel in the main city as well as the surrounding village areas.

We have just begun post production and editing on the Jambi Malay Evangelistic film, which will be available for distribution in Indonesia later this year.


Capturing the Work of the Birth Attendant School

Below is a reflection of a project from Richard, one of our past Create International staff members.

Towards the end of 2009, an opportunity opened up for me to make a film highlighting the work of the Birth Attendant School during an outreach in India.  The Birth Attendant School is a training program of YWAM Perth which focuses on reaching out to women and children in developing nations who have little or limited access to health care, especially related to childbirth. The film focused on a portion of the outreach where the school was assisting a hospital that drew pregnant mothers from the poorest of the poor in a mixed Hindu and Muslim community.

A co-worker from Create International and I spent time together in prayer and decided to film the project as ‘a day in the life’ of one of the students on the school. We arrived in India in February, started shooting and before long, the story began coming together. We had regular times of prayer for the project and found these to be especially important in maintaining focus and unity and keeping our passion fresh. 

Putting together the first half of the film was particularly easy. It got harder as I started to edit together the hospital sequence. It was challenging knowing how to take all the material we had filmed and put it together in a way that captured the sensitivity and depth of what God was doing in the lives of these families.

Through the process of making this film, God has shown me much more about Himself and what we can do to bring life and hope to those who are living and dying without knowing Him. The people of India have so much to offer the kingdom of God. There is a great spiritual hunger there that is being filled with endless amounts of empty ritual and perversion of the truth. We have an endless opportunity to show all the peoples of India the truth about their loving Creator.

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