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SFM 2017 - Putting Movement into the Images

What a brilliant time we’re having on the School of Frontier Media! This week we have guest speaker Jason De Ford with us from Create International in Thailand, speaking on all the elements of cinematography that turn average “videos” into actual films.

Jason is a brilliant movie maker in his own right, and his passion for beautiful images is infectious. He loves the principles of good filmmaking and how they help communicate a story. He also loves all the mechanics of capturing that perfect shot, which means our students have been hands on with our jib and slider and oh, the endlessly changing lenses.

To put this into practice we’ve been out and about in one of Perth’s more exquisite parks, as well as using some of the excellent talent on base (many brilliant actors around here)m to bring to life some truly dramatic moments. It’s been a blast! Not to mention the powerful times we’ve been having with God, setting our hearts more firmly on the unreached peoples and seeing him move in our personal lives.

We’re halfway through the lecture phase of the school now, and looking forward to all that the second half may bring!


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