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SFM 2017 - Seeing the World Through God's Eyes!

We’re about a month into the 2017 SFM, and the time has flown! This first month has been packed with amazing stuff. Our students have learned, for example, to submit their creativity to God and to listen to his voice to shape the expression of their artistic gifts.

Recently, we had a week of photography. The SFM students learned the essentials of taking good pictures, and then stepped out into the streets of Perth and Fremantle to put their skills to the test. After having walked through the challenge of submitting their creativity to God in the previous week, our brave team had to confront the fear of man and let God lead them to complete strangers, to learn their stories and take their pictures.

But they quickly discovered that having a camera in hand is a great way to meet new people. It allows the photographer to affirm their subject’s God-given identities by showing them what they look like through the camera lens. And from there, it’s an easy step to telling people about God’s love for them!

After that, we hit Media Strategy, which is all about discovering how God wants to use media to help draw people to himself (so exciting!) We also examine how we can have the biggest impact on our chosen audience. Basically, there is no point doing big stuff if it isn’t going to do what we want it to do—which is to change lives! 

We love how God is raising up a generation that not only has the heart but also the skills to bring his hope to the planet. Thank you Jesus!

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