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Returning to Nepal

Not so long ago, Create International traveled to Nepal, revisiting an area that we had been to before.  It was wonderful to return after two years: recognizing landmarks, seeing familiar faces and catching up with old friends.  Two years prior, we had been there creating an evangelistic film for an unreached people called the Limbu. We were all excited to return and have a chance to show the movie to the audience we had prepared it for.

The Limbu are a group of mostly poorer, rural Hindus, concentrated in the hills of eastern Nepal. Despite the brokenness amongst their communities that has been caused by drinking and anger, they are a beautiful people who we experienced as friendly, hospitable, and full of joy.

Our Create International team worked alongside a media-focused Discipleship Training School from YWAM Perth, and spent two weeks doing Bible distribution, prayer ministry, open-air evangelism and film screenings.  It was a thrill to see people's responses to the movie!  We were able to show it in a number of villages, which in some cases meant sharing the love of Jesus in that area for the first time. It was exciting to see people’s interest captured by the story they were seeing on the screen, interrupting whatever other activities they could have been doing to watch the gospel unfold before them in a compelling dramatic form.

He identified with the main character in the movie, wanting to be like him not only in the challenges he faced, but in the way his life was changed by the gospel.

We spoke to one young man after he had seen the movie in the very village that we had filmed it in. He said that he identified with the main character in the movie, wanting to be like him not only in the struggles and challenges he faced, but also in the way his life was changed by the gospel.

It was a blessing for us to be able to see the fruit of our earlier work. It was also an encouragement to keep pressing on to produce more resources and to communicate God’s love more effectively with the unreached.

Overall, it was a powerful time in which many people heard the gospel, several people were healed, and over 2500 Bible were distributed. There was a great hunger for God’s word amongst the Limbu and their neighboring peoples, and lots of excitement as people were touched by with the power of God for healing and salvation.

Please continue to pray for the Limbu, and in the meantime enjoy a short video that one of our team members made on the trip.  it highlights an exciting testimony of the way that God brought healing to one man that we met.



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