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What We Do

VisionTo produce media which shares the gospel with the world’s unreached people groups

The gospel is for all nations, peoples and languages, yet many people groups have had little or no opportunity to encounter the message of Jesus in a way that they can understand. Create International seeks to produce high quality media tools that can be used to bridge the social, linguistic and cultural barriers that keep nearly one third of the world hidden from the gospel.


WHAT WE DOUse all possible means of communication to share the message of Jesus

We produce and distribute culturally relevant media to promote evangelism and missions mobilisation amongst the world’s unreached people groups.

Evangelistic Media

We produce dramatic films and other media that share the gospel in a culturally relevant and accessible way.
We are committed to making each presentation as unique as the audiences they are for, utilizing traditions, arts, and other cultural elements within our films wherever possible.

Mobilisation Media

We produce media presentations about specific cultures, highlighting both the beauty and the needs within each unreached people group.
These resources are intended to mobilise the church worldwide into informed prayer and cross-cultural missions involvement.

Who are the unreachedThe world is hidden from the good news of Jesus.

Unreached people groups

A people is classified as unreached when there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelise this people group.


Oral communicators

A majority of the unreached people groups around the world are oral-preference communicators. This means that written material, including physical Bibles have a limited impact.


Create International's progress

We are working towards making an indigenous evangelistic media tool for 167 unreached people groups numbering more than one million people by the year 2020.



OPPORTUNITIESYou can be involved in bringing the gospel to the unreached.

Become a Partner

There are many ways to partner with us, including prayer partnership, financial support and showing and sharing our films.

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Receive training

Come and refine your media skills and learn about cross cultural communication through hands on training.

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Come and join us

Whatever your skill, if you have a heart for the unreached there is room for you here. We have space for you to serve short term as an intern or volunteer or longer term as a member of staff.

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